The Device for Instrumental Assessment of Bruxism
in Sleep time and Awake time

  • If

  • When

  • How

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Bruxism affects your patients

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dia-BRUXO !


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The device that tells you everything about Bruxism:
If, When, How and How Much



it’s a mini-electromyograph that monitors the muscular activity of the masseter in 24 hours


1) Set the time for your Holter

2) Wear the device

3) Download the data

4) Show/Print the report



dia-BRUXO is a Class 1 medical device

(or Class 2 According to territorial regulations)

patented and the result of years of research
designed and manufactured in Italy

Description of operation method

dia-BRUXO is a mini electromyograph used to monitor and record Masseter muscle activity for up to 24 hours.

A dedicated software generates an easy-to-read PDF report for the doctor that analyzes both Sleep and Wake.

Bruxisms are recognized
measured in time (Bruxism Time Index) and in power (Bruxism Work Index)
and classified into Tonic (clenching) and Phasic (grinding).


1) Supplies the dentist a complete and documented evaluation of patients’ Bruxism

2) Helps the patients to become aware about their bruxism and understand what psychological factors determine it

3) Supports the dentist to program the cure of the patients in safer curing procedure

4) Allows the dentist and the patient to understand if the dental problems (tooth weare, fractures) or extradental problems (cervical pain/headaches, facial pain, tmj problems, tinnitus vertigo) are caused by Bruxism

5) Revalues within a certain period of time the evolution of Bruxism


  • Simple
  • Non-invasive
  • Highly specific and sensitive
  • Low Cost
  • Complete sleep and wake analysis

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